In recent years, the portrait was one of the leading themes in the works of Serguei Zlenko. His models include people from all walks of life, from business and politics to academia and the arts. Diversity and integrity Zlenko's portraits are a social slice of the Finnish society. Between 1991 and 2012 Zlenko performed over hundreds of portraits including portraits of the former Prime Minister of Finland Harri Holkeri (Finland Exhibition Corporation), chief conductor of the orchestra and composer Leif Segerstam (Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra), Professor Lauri A. Laitinen (Executive Director of the public hospitals of Helsinki), and Carl Johan Adolfson (Deputy Mayor of Helsinki). Henry Kuitunen (CEO "Finnish Railways"), Pertti Salminen (Rector of the Higher Military Academy). Portrait commissions have also come from other important figures of the Finnish business world, including Matti Kallio (chairman of the corporation "Kesko"), Robert Matron (Leading Lawyer, "Hannes Snellman", law firm), and Göran J. Ehrnrut (Chairman of the Board, the Corporation "Fiskars")., and Nils-Erik Eklund (Managing Director of the company "Viking Line"), Timo Rajala (Managing Director of Energy Corporation "Pohjola Voima"). artist also paints portraits in Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Russia and Germany. Zlenko portraits executed in a realistic style, at the same time seeking to penetrate beyond the visual characteristics. These realistic images of real people who are a challenge to the transience of life


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