Portrait painter

Serguei Zlenko

Born in Georgia, Serguei Zlenko is a classically trained artist, whose works represent the school of traditional European painting. His works include, amongst other things, topographical landscapes, classic ballet dancer motifs and figurative portraits of people, animals and events. Zlenko is inspired by vast array of topics, which can be seen in his multidimensional artworks.
In his portraits, Zlenko succeds in capturing a natural and spontaneous moment which makeshift paintings almost photo- like. His extensive academic training is visible in the different technique, he masters and unusual visual angles and asymmetrical ordinances he uses. In his ballet paintings Zlenko pictures not only the elegance and glorious postures of the ballerinas, but also the life backstage with concentration before a show and all the physical struggles. Most of Zlenko’s works are oil paintings, but he also works with water colors and pastel.

Serguei Zlenko has studied in the Russian Art Academy’s Art School and the Surikov Art Academy in Moscow. His art is shown in galleries and collections all over Europe, Asia and United States


A member of the Finnish Artists’ Association from 1993
A member of the Russian Artists’ Association from 1985
A member of the French Artists’ Association from 2010

1984-1990 Exhibitions in Russia
1995 gallery Hörhammer Helsinki, Finland
1995 ART’ 95 International Art competition Art 54 New York, USA
1996 gallery Hagelstam Helsinki, Finland
1996 gallery Bukowskis&Hörhammer Helsinki, Finland
1997 gallery Art Encounter Las Vegas, USA
1997 gallery Galilei Turku, Finland
1999 gallery Nefret Turku, Finland
1999 gallery Bukowskis&Hörhammer Helsinki, Finland
1999 Fletcher Gallery, Woodstock, New York, USA
2000 gallery Galilei Turku, Finland
2001 gallery Bukowskis&Hörhammer Helsinki, Finland
2001 gallery Art Clipper Helsinki, Finland
2002 gallery Art Clipper Helsinki, Finland
2003 gallery Art Clipper Helsinki, Finland
2003 group exhibition in Smolny Museum dedicated to the Tercentenary of St. Petersburg St. Petersburg, Russia
2004 gallery Sala Barna Barcelona, Spain
2005 gallery Oisin Dublin, Ireland
2005 gallery Hay Hill London, England
2006 The Green Gallery Dublin, Ireland
2006 Amos Andersons Art Museum Helsinki, Finland
2006 Salon 2006 de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts Paris, France
2007 Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea Florence, Italy
2007 gallery Ferin Helsinki, Finland
2008 Russian Cultural Centre Washington, USA
2009 The Green Gallery Dublin, Ireland
2009 The Sounds of Art Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 Russian Cultural Centre Paris, France
2009 Solzhenitsyn House Moscow, Russia
2010 Pushkin House London, England
2010 Art Helsinki – art fair, Messukeskus Helsinki, Finland
2010 Art en Capital – art fair, Grand Palais
la Societe Nationale des Beaux-Art Paris, France
2011 Brewer Jacobsen´s Portrait Competition
Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 gallery Paroisse Saint Pierre de Montmartre Paris, France
2012 gallery Couleur Stockholm, Sweden
2012 gallery Art Clipper Helsinki, Finland
2013 Russian Academy of Arts (RAA) Moscow, Russia
2014 Gallery ArsLonga Helsinki, Finland
2015 ArtPlejada Nice, France
2016 Gallery Gaudi Madrid, Spain
2016 Gallery Bosjökloster Höör, Sweden 2017 Gallery Camaver Kunsthaus Lecco, Italy 2018 Gallery ArsLonga Helsinki, Finland
2020 Gallery Sonia Monti Paris, France
2021 Museum of National History , Fredriksborg castle Hillerod, Denmark
Scandinavian portrait exhibition
2021 Ljungberg Museum Ljungby, Sweden

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1. General Manager – Mauri Kuitunen, 1993 Transport registration Department of Finland.

2. General Manager – Matti Mäkinen, 1994 Construction Department of Finland.

3. Vice-Mayor – Karl Adolfsson, 1996 City of Helsinki.

4. General Manager – Veikko Lappalainen, 1996 Geology Department of Finland.

5. General Manager – Yrjö Tuokko, 1999 Tuokko Deloitte&Touche Ltd.

6. Chairman of the board – Matti Kallo, 2001 Kesko Ltd.

7. General Manager – Erkki Jatila, 2002 Meteriology Department of Finland.

8. Member of the board – Tauno Hataja, 2003 PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd.

9. General Manager – Antti Pentilä, 2004 Forensic Medical Department of Finland.

10. Chief Conductor – Leif Segerstam, 2004 Philarmonic Orchestra of Helsinki.

11. General Manager – Nils-Erik Eklund, 2005 Shipping Company Viking Line.

12. Prime Minister – Harri Holkeri, 2006 Expo and Convention Centre, Helsinki.

13. General Manager – Lauri Litinen, 2006 Central University Hospital, Helsinki.

14. General Manager – Juhani Korpela, 2007 Department of communication of Finland.I

15. General Manager – Henri Kuitunen, 2009 VR – Finnish Railway

16. Rector – Pertti Salmi, 2009 Military Academy of Finland.

17. General Manager – Timo Rajala, 2010 Corporation Pohjolan Voima Ltd.

18. General Manager – Mikko Ketonen, 2010 Media Group TS-Yhtymä Ltd.

19. General Manager – Kari Lehtokangas, 2011 Rescue Department of Finland.

20. Rector – Vesa Tynkkynen, 2011 Military Academy of Finland.

21. Professor Patrick Stelwagen, 2011 Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge.

22. General Manager – Jarmo Partanen, 2014 Savings Bank of South Karelia region

23. General Manager – Pekka Helander, 2015 Association of car dealers of Finland.

24. General Manager – Bernt Ehrnrooth, 2017 Flinkenberg Ltd, Finland.

25. Count – Tord Bonde, 2018 Bosjökloster, Sweden

26. Professor – James O’Higgins, 2020 Dublin, Ireland

27. General Menager – Kenneth Cederberg, 2021 Rake Ltd, Finland




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