Serguei Zlenko

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A true artist not only studies and reproduces the real world in his works, but also creates a new one that reveals hidden symbols and unconscious visions. Every human being lives two lives, in two different worlds. The world of matter is governed by well-known laws of nature and those of human society. In the other world, those familiar laws may be broken and new forms of reality appear. But even this “parallel” world has its logic, which is more evident to the artist who, at his best, is capable of feeling and showing the connection between the two worlds and the two lives of a human being. Turning miracles and fairy tales into reality, Zlenko fulfills this mission, meaningful to all who stay children inside till the end of our life – to all of us. The splendid theatricality and playfulness find expression in Zlenko’s genre paintings and carnival scenes that are often allegorical.