Serguei Zlenko

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Carnival –  a truly unique, impressive, and exciting event! Having visited it only once, everyone wants to go back again in a special state that borders between reality and fantasy, the world of the physical and ephemeral, existing here and now and forever living only in the human imagination. Full immersion in a state of euphoria and a feeling of lightness of being, when you can forget for a moment about what will happen tomorrow and just enjoy the gifts of destiny. Carpe diem! That is how the characters behave in the maestro’s paintings, inhaling aromas, admiring colours, surrendering to a carnival atmosphere. And though it would require hundreds of masks and costumes, a myriad of carnival tinsel, thousands of musical notes that become delightful melodies, millions of lights. But it is precisely for this festive feeling that makes life worth living! The celebration that will always be with us…