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In recent years, portrait has become one of the leading genres in Sergei Zlenko’s work. His models are people from all walks of life, from business and politics to academia and art. The diversity and integrity of Zlenko’s portraits represent a social cross section of Finnish society. Between 1991 and 2021, Zlenko painted more than a hundred portraits, including those of former Prime Minister of Finland Harri Holkeri (Finnish Exhibition Corporation), the orchestra’s chief conductor and composer Leif Segerstam (Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra), prof. Lauri A. Laitinen (Executive Director of Helsinki public hospitals), Karl-Johan Adolfsson (Deputy Mayor of Helsinki), Henri Kuitunen (CEO of Finnish Railways), and Pertti Salminen (Rector of the Higher Military Academy). Portraits have also been commissioned by other important representatives of the Finnish business world, including Matti Kallio (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kesko Corporation), Robert Matron (Leading Lawyer, Hannes Snellman Law Company), Göran J. Ehrnrooth (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fiskars Corporation), Nils-Erik Eklund (Managing Director, Viking Line), Timo Rajala (Managing Director, Pohjola Voima Energy Corporation), Lauri Laitinen (CEO, Helsinki University Central Hospital), Kari Lehtokangas (CEO of Finnish National Rescue Service), Mikko Ketonen (CEO of TS-Yhtymä Oy Media Holding), Bernt Ehrnrooth (CEO of Flinkenberg Ab), and Kenneth Cederberg (CEO of Rake Ltd.) 

The artist also paints commissioned portraits in Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Russia, and Germany. In his portraits, though executed in a realistic style, Zlenko seeks to go beyond visual characteristics. These realistic images of real people are a challenge to the transience of life.



Prices are decided by the size of the canvas and content of the composition. A smaller portrait with a buzy composition may require more work, then fro a straight forward painting with a simple backgraound.

Oil on canvas

size  60 cm x 50 cm

size  81 cm x 65 cm

size  92 cm x 73 cm

size  100 cm x 80 cm

size  120 cm x 98 cm

size  150 cm x 100 cm


size 40 cm x 30 cm

size  50 cm x 40 cm

size  60 cm x 50 cm

Information of the preices by request.

This is rough  free-guide for a single portrait. Frame, travel, accomodation expenses are not included. For group portrait and non-standart sizes please ask for a quote. All taxes included in these prices.

Method of working

I paint preferably from life, requiring 3-5 sitting of a few hours. i can travel to the client place. During painting process I can use photos as support material. I will then complete the painting / drawing in my studio.